[:en]Why should you trust smm-outsourcing to the Ukrainian team?[:]

[:en]Today the world is more connected than ever. And Ukraine has become one of the most attractive outsourcing countries in Eastern Europe. Ukrainian marketers stay in their homeland, where the prices are low and work comes from offshore outsourcing customers.

We have prepared a list of the key reasons that can explain why Ukraine is a great solution for outsourcing smm-marketing.

  • According to Outsourcing Journal, the 1st outsourcing country in Eastern Europe is Ukraine.
  • More than 80% of Ukrainian workers has an intermediate or higher English level of proficiency.
  • Compared to other outsourcing countries, Ukraine offers more competitive outsourcing rates with a much larger marketing talent pool.
  • In Ukraine, around 20% of professionals with high education choose marketing related disciplines.
  • We have only 1-hour difference with the most European countries and 7 hours with US (EST), so Ukraine is a good chose to outsource!
  • In Ukraine, we have only 10 universally observed public holidays with Paid Time Off.
  • Ukrainian people belong to those cultures, where, top priority is honor and reputation.

For your smm-marketing choose Ukraine and company Smart Promotion. Our goal is to help you to improve your business brand, to give you the competitive advantage and to reduce your costs. Additionally, our relationships with our clients are ongoing.[:]