Maintaining and promoting a Facebook account

Social media promotion — is one of the main tools for doing a successful business and getting the desired result.

It is essential to choose the right social platform. It depends on the type of business and the marketing objectives of the business owner.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, with high ratings among visitors and the total number of users.

Goals and results of promotion
account in a Facebook




awareness of the company’s products, services, and news

with clients

sales and lead

Methods and stages of promotion
account in a Facebook

  • Defining the goals and wishes of the client, and the main expectations from promotion account in a Facebook
  • Building a strategy for a promotion account on Facebook. We form a strategy based on comprehensive learning of the company's brand, product, or service
  • Defining the target audience based on market research and the learning of competitors.
  • Creation of interactive and product content and development of unique visuals
  • Work with bloggers, creating giveaways. This will increase brand awareness.
  • Determining the budget and strategy of advertising campaigns. This is based on the ultimate goal (brand recognition, engaging the audience, traffic to the site, etc.).
  • Creation of texts with "call to action" to get an effective result, creating dynamic visual content.
  • Work with clients through messages and comments.
  • Monthly analysis and results of advertising campaigns.

Our team has extensive experience in social media promotion (including managing and promoting Facebook business account). This gives us the right to say that such a marketing tool will be the key to recognizing your brand, gaining new customers,
and financial growth.

Benefits of promotion
account in a Facebook


A Facebook business account allows you to display key data about your company in a convenient and fast format (address, reviews, website, goals, and history of the brand, company).


A Facebook business account will become unique in the “jungle” of the social network by developing a creative logo and creating exciting content with dynamic images.


The Facebook platform has convenient and extensive tools. Advertising campaigns have a significant role that directly affects the formation of the target audience.

Generating traffic
to the website.

A Facebook business account is a guide between the group’s audience and the company’s website through backlinks placement. This allows you to inform followers about company news, promotions, and exciting offers on the website.

and analysis.

Effectiveness is the most essential attribute of a successful business. In social networks, you can get a summary of the activities carried out by your Facebook business account during the week, month, year. This allows you to build a successful marketing strategy.

Advertising strategy
without high costs

Targeted advertising as a fundamental tool helps attract the necessary customer base by age, geography, and interests. It will be much cheaper than promoting the brand through other advertising channels and platforms.