Promoting and
maintaining a page
in Tik Tok

TikTok is a new and exciting social platform for active users. And for business, one more opportunity to find customers and promote your brand. Tik Tok has invaded our lives at an incredible pace. So how can you use this chance correctly to promote your business? How to run a page in Tik Tok to gain the audience’s support?

It is unnecessary to find the correct methods and acquire the required skills. Entrust the promotion of your business page in Tik Tok to us.

Our team always keeps our ears to the ground. After all, we are constantly looking for new ways, methods, and tools to help our clients gain new customers, promote their products and services, and make the business truly successful. Tik Tok is precisely what your business needs, and we know exactly how to do it.

The main issues that are important for promoting business in Tik Tok

  • Is the audience suitable for your business? The social network audience is people aged 16 to 40, and there are more than 500 million people in the world. You should pay attention to this and find out if your customer is in Tik Tok before starting active marketing work in brand promotion.
  • What is the goal of your company? Any business on social networks is set up to sell goods or services or achieve maximum brand popularity. Tik Tok will allow you to "put your company on the map" , make it popular, and hype.
  • Are you ready to create unique content? The answer should always be "YES". It's important to understand that Tik Tok is just video content. Unfortunately, what works great for Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube is not suitable for Tik Tok. A dynamic one-minute video should be unique, constructive, and interesting to your followers.
  • Business geography? An international social network is gaining popularity around the world. If you plan to promote your business far beyond Ukraine, this is the perfect tool for you. However, the local audience is growing every year. Therefore, we recommend you take this opportunity to increase the company's visibility.

of page promotion in Tik Tok

and active

More and more people choose Tik Tok because of the exciting and entertaining content. The age of the audience increases every year. Such users are active. They comment and have dialogue with bloggers and other users, and save and share videos.


It has been proven that short, dynamic videos attract the most attention of the audience. Fewer people want to focus on reading long texts and uninteresting static images. That is why this social network is becoming more popular.


In Tik Tok, you can promote your business in two ways: advertising campaigns and bloggers. The network has developed a unique advertising platform for companies to attract the right audience and find new customers. Influencers are a very effective tool, especially in Tik Tok. Thousands and millions of users can follow the blogger.

Why you need to choose us to do
business in Tik Tok


Without a strategy, promoting your business will be minimal. The work plan is based on the definition and formation of target audience, analysis of competitors, and selection of relevant topics and headings.


There must be an exciting idea and presentation to interest the user to watch the video, pay attention to your product. High-quality and professional videos, with creative content and systematic content publishing, are the main principles that are important in Tik Tok.

of tools

We know how the Tik Tok works. Algorithms and tools are being improved and changed. Keeping our ears to the ground is our job, helping our clients build successful businesses.

with bloggers

We have extensive experience working with bloggers. Clear goals and proper product presentation will help increase the number of followers and potential customers.

creation of
advertising campaigns

Before building an advertising strategy, we start with the central question, “what can attract the customer’s attention?” Relevance with advertising trends and understanding customers’ interests – this helps us create effective advertising.