[:en]Halloween Advertising: Social Media Marketing Ideas[:]

[:en]Halloween is here, and it’s a great opportunity to promote your business brand.

All of us, marketers, have the same problem. We are always looking for inspiration!

Halloween offers many potential opportunities to show our festive mood and to promote business through the advert.

Some great advert ideas for Halloween you can find below.


McDonald’s always have  a new items on menu specially for this holiday.

You can use your products in your Halloween advert with scary items, just as Heineken and Guinness companies do. They always make a great promotion of their products on Halloween!

Pepsi also presents a unique opportunity for brands to position themselves on this holiday. Here are examples of Pepsi Halloween advertising campaigns.

And some other awesome Halloween adverts examples that show an incredible creativity:


Dr. Med. Dent. Walter Moretto & Catalonian Nation Theatre

Are you feeling inspired now? Are you ready for new challenges? We hope for it!

Happy Halloween from Smart Promotion Company![:]