[:en]How to made creative Christmas advertising?[:]

[:en]Christmas advertising is a great opportunity for your’s company to  stand out from a large number of competitors. During the holiday period customers are very attentive to something new and creative. They want to find the most interesting and crazy present for relatives and friends.

Before creation the advertising you should understand what do you want to present, which information are the most important and attractive for buyers.  Then you must decide who, where and what will get from the advertising about your product,  service or company.

After this you should mix your logo, the main message and company style in one picture. It’s could be very minimalistic or show all your power and products, but the main conditions are being unexpected and relevant. Text on your advertising must give all needed advantages of product, but doesn’t give general, incurious facts and shut the basic idea. The color gamut engaging and simple.

So, we can give you a lot off advice, still the most effective is being yourself and generate extraordinary content. And of course, some creative ads for your inspiration.