How to tell a story (Storytelling).

Whether you’re telling a joke, telling a fairy tale or real personal story, telling a story well is an important skill for Digital Marketing and personal. While it comes naturally to some, for others this skill is a learned one. Never fear, you can learn to tell a better and more attractive story.

If you want to achieve success personally or with your business you have to tell your story and be active in Social Media. All you need to do is to start telling about yourself and your audience will find you. It’s not an easy way but it is the best way to promote yourself and your business without extra budget.

Here are some smart tips that will make it easier:

  • All stories need a beginning, but not all stories need an ending. Sometimes constant continuation destroys it, other times it leads to even more intrigue.
  • You do not need to go way out of your comfort zone. Be original. Be honest. Be yourself. Write in a way you are comfortable.
  • You need to know exactly who you are writing for, and you need to know your audience well. This then leads to know your audience and write especially for them.
  • Connect the story to your audience. use metaphors, references and other devices that change the story just enough to make it connected to them.
  • Create “caring” and “wonder” in the audience. “Caring” is when the audience engages with the challenge within the story.  “Wonder” is when the audience’s attention explores the options and creates feelings inside them.
  • You have to chose the main message that you and your audience are following. The story must refer its message but it must be a tale within itself. Otherwise, it is a parable. a sermon or a commercial, not a story.
  • Storytelling is not about “truth” but rather about confidence in the story.
  • Rely on facts and your own experiences for storytelling. There is nothing better than an authentic story told from the speaker’s point of view.
  • And the most important thing is to use “product placement” in your story. When you tell a story don’t forget to mention some facts about you or something that you want to share to your audience. Something that people will not forget.

Remember, that human beings tell stories all the time. The ones that can do it better will have a huge competitive advantage. If you tell a story about your product, it’s much better to be remember than the general advertising of your product.

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